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ChildSpeech can offer a range of provision from individual assessment of one child to a whole school package involving training of staff, screening of children and regular intervention. Talk to us to discuss your school’s specific needs and how we might be able to help.

You might also be interested in the Talk Boost programme – a ten week package  for learning support assistants to deliver to children in a wave 2 intervention or our Primary Talk training – a whole school package to help staff develop their knowledge and understanding of speech, language and communication development. See our training page for more details.The-Communication-Commitment-2

We encourage all the schools we work with to sign up to the Communication Commitment developed by The Communication Trust. This helps schools to prioritise communication within their setting in a way that works for them.



Our work with schools in Bristol

Fonthill Primary School


Fonthill have had input from Anne-Marie and Kerry. Anne-Marie has supported them to sign up to the Communication Commitment and provided 4 training sessions for staff. Kerry has set up parent groups, carried out screening assessments of children and supported the school staff to carry out individual speech and language work with identified children.

Please click here to download a case study.

Glenfrome Primary School


Glenfrome have had input from Anne-Marie and have signed up to the Communication Commitment. Anne-Marie has carried out screening of some of the children and demonstrated to staff how to carry this out. Staff have had Talk Boost training and are currently carrying out Talk Boost intervention with groups of children. All children at Glenfrome who have participated in Talk Boost have made measurable progress using the progression tool – a fantastic result! Anne-Marie has carried out staff training alongside the SENCO and Glenfrome have recently run a very successful No Pens Wednesday.


Compass Point South Street School and Children’s Centre


Compass Point staff have signed up to the Communication Commitment and have had Talk Boost training with Anne-Marie and Juliet. They are looking forward to starting the intervention in the coming terms with identified children.

The Dolphin School


The Dolphin School staff have had Talk Boost training and have started their Talk Boost groups. The feedback has been excellent and staff are already seeing progress with children’s spoken and written communication!

Begbrook Primary Academy


Begbrook Primary Academy staff have had Talk Boost training and have started running Talk Boost groups with identified children.


Some facts and figures about Speech, Language and Communication Needs(SLCN):

  • Around 10% of all children have long term SLCN
  • In areas of social deprivation, the number of children entering school with SLCN rises dramatically to around 50%
  • Of the 21% of children who are identified as having SEN, 28% at the primary level have SLCN as their main need
  • In secondary schools, this figure is just over 8%
  • When problems persist beyond age 5, a child is at risk for low outcomes in education and employment

(from the Communication Trust,

Children with SLCN are being identified in schools in increasing numbers. For the first time, OFSTED are also judging standards in communication in school children and for this reason, many schools are now choosing to buy in speech and language therapy.

ChildSpeech has extensive experience of setting up speech and language therapy services to schools[1]. The ChildSpeech model of provision aims to work in partnership with the teaching staff and the senior management team to address a child’s needs with SLCN in the context of the classroom and the school as a whole, as illustrated in the model below.

classroom model



[1] Wren, Y., Roulstone, S., Parkhouse, J. and Hall, B. (2001) A model for a mainstream school-based speech and language therapy service. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 17, 2, 107-26.