Individual assessment and detailed report

from £150

Assessment will last between one and one and half hours; reports will vary in length but will include detailed analysis of the child’s language.

If you would like your child to have an audiology (hearing) assessment, we are able to offer a joint package with Caroline Bracewell, our Audiologist. Your child will receive the full SLT assessment from one of our therapists and will have a separate audiology assessment with Caroline for the combined fee of £200.

Intervention session

from £75

Intervention sessions will typically last between 30 and 45 minutes. In school these will be preceded and followed by discussion with school staff and, if available, parents. In many cases, it will be anticipated that a school teaching assistant be available to observe the session in order to carry out follow up activities in between visits. If sessions are carried out at home, the therapy activities will be discussed with parents and follow up activities may be given for parents to carry out between sessions.

Discounts are offered when blocks of four or more intervention sessions are paid for in advance.


from £295 per day

Please contact ChildSpeech to discuss your requirements as our provision is flexible and tailored to suit your needs and budget