Here are some of the schools and people we have been able to help.


Fonthill school bristol

Fonthill have had input from Anne-Marie and Kerry. Anne-Marie has supported them to sign up to the Communication Commitment and provided 4 training sessions for staff. Kerry has set up parent groups, carried out screening assessments of children and supported the school staff to carry out individual speech and language work with identified children.


Knowle DGE

ChildSpeech provide a range of support and services to Knowle and now the whole Learn@MAT group. The provision has been so successful that Knowle were a finalist at the "Shine a light" awards organised by the communication trust. 

Winners - Shine a light awards 2017

Winners - Shine a light awards 2017

Easton CE Academy

ChildSpeech has worked strategically with Easton for a number of years helping the school revise its approach to SLCN, introducing the communication commitment and implementing the TalkBoost programme culminating in the school winning the "Shine a light" Awards in 2017. Full case study here